Sneak Preview: Dijit for iPad

While you were eating turkey (mmm, tasty tasty tryptophan), team Dijit was hard at work getting our long-awaited iPad app ready.  We are still a few days away from submitting to the App Store, but we figured it’d be fun to share our plans for world domination the iPad version of Dijit.

We’ve taken a lot of learning lessons from our popular iPhone app, reworked some elements, kept some things the same, and completely optimized and thought it out for the iPad.  Our basic thinking was: this should be the ultimate console for the coffee table.  Along the way, we built the following guidelines:

  1. The user shouldn’t have to try to “find” stuff in the app – ultimately if you are watching TV, we can’t predict that you’re about to want to push pause on the remote, change the channel, or read more on Wikipedia about that one actor in that one show.  So everything is at your finger tips, all the time.
  2. Align the key features around how people naturally hold the iPad – while most design rules of thumb (pun highly intentional) would have you upper-align most features, we’ve instead tried to position the things you’ll touch the most with where your thumbs will naturally line up when holding the iPad (more so in landscape mode, as it’s more varying in portrait mode).
  3. Help the user with more “difficult” features – one amazing power of any “virtual” remote control is the ability to place buttons anywhere you want.  But this comes at the cost of having to create drag and drop interfaces, scrolling button regions, and some pull-down lists.  None of which mean diddly to the average user, so we’re using otherwise unused space to visually explain how to do things (we hate tutorials – it’s like asking me to remember how to do differential equations, sure I knew them in high school, but I’ve forgotten since that first “lesson”).
  4. Make the app very touch-able – personally, I’ve had an iPad since day 1, minute 9 (yes, I remember these little things, crazy eh?).  I instantly fell in love with apps that had me able to swipe, and scroll, and drag, etc.  It’s a pattern I’ve recognized true to this day – the most usable and most delightful iPad apps are very finger-centric (is that a term?).
  5. Keep it fun – this was an easy one.  Let’s face it, TV watching isn’t about reality (oh wait), it’s about entertainment and escape and fun and fantasy.  Ok, and reality too.  You’ll find all of the same features you love in our iPhone app, but really “tuned” for the full screen interface the iPad provides – especially in the TV Listings / Guide area!  So, yeah, we’ve put more fun into the app, and you can expect even more to come.

We’re really proud of what our small team has accomplished, and we hope you like the forthcoming iPad version of Dijit.  We look forward to your feedback here or over on the DijitCommunity.

Oh, and I have another other item.  We’ve added in some big-ass remotes.  BIG. ASS. REMOTES.

Oodles of screenshots below:

4 thoughts on “Sneak Preview: Dijit for iPad

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  3. How about making a harmony link or Global Cache IP2IR version? They run off Wifi/enet (not bluetooth and thus not married to one device), the stock harmony software is a joke, and I’d gladly pay up to $9.99 for a better app.

  4. Can’t wait for the iPad version!
    Please keep in mind that the App is also used outside the USA (Netherlands in my case ;-) )

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